Good Night Wishes released

Good Night Wishes is a collection of 22 solo piano pieces meant as thoughts that would cross your mind or that would fill your heart during the night.

Each composition might remind you of something you felt while saying good night to someone you love or while watching that person sleep. The music could also take you back to something you thought while you were awake in the middle of the night.

I wanted this CD to be something you could enjoy without it becoming a distraction. I envisioned it as the background for little special moments in your life. 

I also wanted this project to be a solo piano CD unlike Interior, my previous album. I thought that the fact of making it simple would add some kind of magic to it. 

I often listen to music during the day. I can relate many special experiences with certain pieces or composers. I humbly hope that my music fills your space during unforgettable times too.

Good Night Wishes Cover