Antonio Romo

Contemporary solo pianist and composer

Comments from fans

I love your music and how you play the piano. Please teach me how to play one of your songs. I love you so much.

- Your niece Lucia (Houston, Texas)

I studied piano when I was a child. After listening to you, I wish I had never stopped.

- Sophie (Greece)

Thanks for the email and the kind words about my music. I really like your songs on YouTube. You're doing what you need to do. Get as much stuff on YouTube as you can and encourage others to do so also.

- Brian Crain (

Dear, it's a great and very sweet piano going straight to the heart and giving soothing feeling. Any word is small for the deserved appreciation. God bless you.

- Ved Vasudeva (New Delhi, India)

I really enjoy your music. It's very real and emotional, coming from a real place. I can hear your thoughts easily.

- Matthew (Alburquerque, New Mexico)

This CD [Interior] is incredible! The music is so touching and relaxing. You are an extremely gifted composer!

- Jeanie (Houston, Texas)

Gracias!! Tu música es verdaderamente inspiradora y llena de emociones que he podido disfrutar con mi esposa y mis hijas. Gracias a Dios por tu sensibilidad y por tu don. Que Él siga bendiciéndote, iluminando tu inteligencia, fortaleciendo tu voluntad y acrecentando tu capacidad de amar.

- Sergio Soto Rojas (Guadalajara, México)

This is the most touching music I've heard in awhile. Liquid Crystal and From the Usual Place are my favorites, though it is difficult to choose. Please keep writing and recording your beautiful music.

- Katherine (Houston, Texas)

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your music! I listen to it at work, and it relaxes me.

- Bernadette (Bellville, Texas)

I love all of them, especially Silence Messengers, it's awesome!

- Angelica (Canada)

I loooooove "Liquid Crystal"! Very much..

- Jazmin

I love track 2, it's touching and does bring me back to a time to reflect on. Thank you for sharing your talent!

- Amy (Houston, Texas)

Great selection of songs, the sound is perfect!

- Alejandra (Canada)

There is something warming, something wonderful about your work that I love. I have listened to a lot of piano music but there are not many songs that make me feel something wonderful. It's good fortune that I have discovered your music.

- Takayuki (Japan)

I came across your album 'Interior' whilst browsing the net for instrumental pieces. I love it!

- Esthele (Australia)

I just wanted to let you know that your music is very inspiring. Your music is worth much more than a free download. Just letting you know you are appreciated.

- Coral (Martinsville, Virginia)